Our Profile

Sky Living Strata is a boutique Strata Management Company. We set a new standard for the strata industry with extensive experience in managing all types of Owners Corporations. Nothing is too big or small for Sky Living Strata.

The core of the business has originated from Service. From Strata Management knowledge, responsiveness to enquiries and general enthusiasm while managing your property. Our daily interactions are based around service. Allow Sky Living Strata show you how we can relieve you from your Strata worries, and let us do what we do best, manage your property.

Our resources are ready to provide you service. Our independent database of professionals are at your service. From maintenance, consultants, legal, financial plus more, our team and available resources will get it right the first time.

For those who want to be involved with the management, we offer full transparency of happenings within your property. Whether it be financial, maintenance or general day-to-day matters, you can always know exactly what is happening, where matters are currently and when it will be delivered.

Examples of Sky Living Strata’s services are – Accounting, Compliance, Levy and Debt Collection, Administration, Repairs and Maintenance, Insurance, Legal and By-law enforcement, Defect Management, Project Management, Meeting Management, Consulting, Mediation and Security and Safety Assessments.

Top Quality Service

Sky Living Strata is committed to improving the Strata Management industry for the better.

We understand our service directly impacts on the future investment of your property. That’s why we are committed to providing full compliance and proactive management service through maintaining relationships with our owners. We will ensure we maintain long-term value for the benefit and comfort of all occupants to ensure the market value of each property within the building is enhanced.

Our team has realised the Strata Management industry holds a reputation of undesirable service levels. Whether it be an over-loaded portfolio, lack of interest or a large organisation who charges excessive costs, it is evident there is room for improvement. Sky Living Strata wants to set this standard and be the ones who stand out and make a difference. Our consistent approach to the management of your property and our service level promises will make this happen.

As a service-based business, Sky Living Strata understands how important it is to deliver a high quality, expert service to our clients. We do this by adhering to our customer charter and concentrating on our four core areas.

  People and Culture
  Service Promise
  Continual Education
  Technology Solutions

Competitive Pricing

Concentrating on our four core areas allows Sky Living Strata price our management fees very competitively.

In doing this, we can provide you with an all-inclusive or standard pricing model, whichever suits your Owners Corporation’s requirements.

As part of our pre-discovery process, we will evaluate your requirements and turn them into a solution that will exceed your expectations. We will treat your investment and needs as if they were our own.

A standard pricing option ensures you only pay for the services you use.

An all-inclusive option provides peace of mind in relation to annual budgeting.

If neither of these options provide peace of mind for your Owners Corporation, Sky Living Strata will ensure we can provide an alternate customised pricing option which incorporates all of your needs, but eliminating certain services which do not relate to your building.

Independent and Unique

We believe our highly experienced team deliver a top quality service that is unique.

Our in-depth understanding of the complexities of management is second to none. This enables us to add real value for our clients.

Furthermore, we’ve chosen not to have partnerships with any companies in our related industry such as facilities management, legal, maintenance, etc. This ensures our business is totally independent of any potential conflict of interest from such partnerships.

Our team have extensive experience in both private and public sector procurement. Adopting the public sectors competitive tender process and principles, we ensure that all services procured for our clients are done so using the value for money principle. This ensures our client’s investment is long lasting and provides them the best value, all the while incorporating the private sector’s strict quality assurance processes.