Our Differences

Sky Living Strata sets a new standard for Strata Management Services. We are committed to our clients and their needs. We ensure prices remain competitive and our service delivery is the best in the industry. That’s our promise to you.

Our Service Standards aren’t only promised, they’re delivered. Here at Sky Living Strata, going above and beyond is considered daily practice. Whether it be a basic enquiry, or one requiring formal, legislative advice, we ensure we honour expectations and facilitate advice in a specialised manner. Think of it as if we’re your personal go-to-person for Strata related matters. We’re here, at your call, to provide you service.

We understand how frustrating it can be when your appointed Strata Manager changes periodically. Being a boutique Strata Management company, we have control and can give the assurance your designated Strata Manager will remain with you for years, plus many more years.

We’re making it personal. Being a smaller, close-nit company, we are flexible when it comes to your requirements. We are free from office politics or limitations as commonly experienced within larger organisations. You tell us what you want, and we will deliver.