Excellence in Service Guaranteed

Sky Living Strata will ensure we listen to your needs, understand your requirements and take directions precisely.

Sky Living Strata’s Managing Director has managed some of New South Wales landmark buildings, as well as all sized Schemes, and understands one of the most important traits a Strata Manager requires; providing excellent Customer Service.

Sky Living Strata has learnt and developed techniques to provide what we think is the very best service within the industry. We believe in manageable portfolios which allow the Strata Manager to provide personal customer service. Whether your property is a block of two, 100 or 400+, Sky Living Strata has the knowledge, skills and ability to ensure we exceed expectations and manage your property appropriately.

Sky Living Strata’s service level agreement states – phone calls will be answered, emails will be replied to, and work orders will be issued all within two hours. Emergencies are an exception and will be actioned immediately. Additionally, invoices can be processed within the same day.

Sky Living Strata – Experience and Knowledge, providing our clients Results.